Farouk Mangera

HR Executive

Hello, I’m Farouk I support HR and You Ltd with consultancy projects aside from my HR background as the Head of HR for UK and ROI for over 20 years I am focused on my family life with my wife and daughters.

My overall collaboration with HR and You Ltd is to deliver HR Consultancy Projects, these are offered to clients for a set period and can be for varying reasons. I offer Consultancy support which leads to improvements in businesses, this may be to support with Change Management, People Strategy, Cultural change, Operational Strategies, and Organisational Design.

We have seen significant results and clients have experienced growth in their businesses from this work, as my background with Debenhams has been on a strategic level the synergy with HR and You Ltd was an ideal partner of choice.

We work with many industries and businesses both large and small, what matters to me is the outcome and benefits to the client. As the business continues to expand this is an exciting time for the company and I will be busy with that over the coming months.

I enjoy working with Fran and the team, HR and You Ltd has such an inclusive feel to it as a company with a great culture, the whole team believes in the work they are doing, and that people really do make a real difference in your business.