HR Outsourcing and Legal Services

HR and I offer a wide range of tailored services to clients, including recruitment, training, compliance guidance, and strategic HR consulting. We focus on maximizing organizational effectiveness by optimizing human capital, handling everything from job descriptions to employee relations. Our goal is to streamline processes, enhance engagement, and help businesses thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Delivering Unmatched HR Support with a Personal Touch

HR Consultancy

HR consultancy provides expertise in recruitment, employee relations, policies, and compliance, aiding businesses in HR strategy and operations.


Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations safeguard employee rights during business transfers, ensuring job continuity.

HR Training

HR training enhances employee skills in areas like recruitment, compliance, diversity, and performance management, fostering HR excellence.

HR Software

HR software automates HR tasks, including payroll, benefits, employee records, and analytics, streamlining processes for efficiency and accuracy.

Agreements & Policies

Agreements and policies establish rules, expectations, and legal frameworks, fostering clarity, consistency, and compliance within organisations.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts define terms, roles, and expectations, safeguarding both employers' and employees' rights and responsibilities.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks detail company policies, procedures, and expectations, providing a reference guide for employees' conduct and rights.