Template Document Toolkit

HR and You Ltd has an extensive HR online toolkit library full of templates for you to download and use. We have offer letters, written warning templates, employee handbooks, termination letters to employees, and dozens of other documents that just need a little tweaking to use.

As we promise with our bespoke documents, all of our templates are fully up to date and in line with current legislation and regulations. We review these documents regularly and update any that have fallen out-of-date due to new legislation or regulation changes, so you can be assured that they’re ready to use.

The documents come in Word .xdoc format, and therefore can be edited with any .docx compatible software including LibreOffice and OpenOffice (though be aware there can be slight formatting changes due to the differences in handling formatting between Word and LibreOffice and/or OpenOffice). If you run into any trouble opening the documents after purchase, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we do our best to help you.

There are instructions across the documents to help you edit them, but if you run into any complex issues, we would highly encourage you to contact us and arrange a consultation. We are happy to help.

Please be aware due to the instant access and duplicable nature of the documents, we do not provide refunds.

We hope you find these documents useful.

Delivering Unmatched HR Support with a Personal Touch


Employment Applications, Offer Letters, Contracts and more


Handbooks, Induction Checklists, Risk Assessments and more

Terms of Service

Service Agreements, Directors Service Agreements and more

Employee Policies

Handbooks, Annual Leave Policies, Parental Leave and More


Disciplinary Procedure, Probation Period Review, and more.


Appraisal Policies, Performance Review Invitation Letters, ect.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working Request form, confirmation letter, and more.

Family Friendly

Paternal leave policies, notification letters, and more.


Medical Policies, Access to Medical Documents and more.


Medical Policies, Access to Medical Documents and more.


Dismissal letters, Invitations to hearings, and more.


Exit questionaire, acceptance of resignation, and more.


Medical Policies, Access to Medical Documents and more.


Advisory letters, return to work letters, redundancy and more.

Health and Safety

Risk assessments, suspensions, Working Time opt-out and more.


GDPR Agreements, assessment forms, consent forms and more.

Pay and Salary

Salary increase letter, overpayment letter, and more.


Consultation, guide, and corrospondence for TUPE.


Copyright, directors agreements, service agreements and more.


Settlement agreements and a free guide to settlement.

Document Bundles

Bundles of documents for one lower fee.