HR and You Ltd Bradford Score Calculator

The Bradford Score is a method to determine a ‘score’ of an Employees unplanned absences. It is useful to uncover early concerns about an Employee’s absence patterns before they get out of hand and useful for tracking an Employees absence record. The Bradford Score was developed under the principle that many repeat absences have a greater impact on operations than fewer longer term absences. The score is a calculation of the weighting of a persons absences, which is basically an estimation of their absences effects on normal business operations. The lower the score the lower the impact and the higher the score the greater the impact. It is important to note that while it can give a rough estimation, the calculations cannot take into account the nuances of each individual (such as disability or reoccurring illness) and how those nuances may effect their work life.

The Bradford Score is calculated by taking the number of times the person is absent over a period (a period is typically a year) and squaring it before multiplying it by the number of days they were absent. The number of times someone is absent and the number of days someone is absent are not the same, the number of times is each period of absence. For example, someone may be absent the 1st time for 3 days, a 2nd time for 2 days and a 3rd time for 3 days. In this scenario, the calculation would be 3x3x8, which would be 72.

To use our calculator, all you simply need to do is enter is the persons name, the amount of times they have been absent, and the number of days they have been absent for. Our calculator will then do all the work of calculating their Bradford Score for you! Additionally, our calculator will give a suggestion of what course of action is required, such as if a warning is required or not.

If you need any help interpreting or using this calculator, please feel free to get in contact with us.