Fran Crossland

Director & Founder

I head up HR and You Ltd, I ensure that within the team everyone has a voice, the opportunity to contribute to our overall success and reach their own potential. I really do believe that people that drive a business forward.

As you look around our website you will notice we are not your usual HR Outsourced Provider, nor are we your usual Legal provider either, we are very different, we are proud of that too, we embrace a new Legal and HR, one that embraces people and focuses on the positives, we are proactive, we want to work with our clients to bring out the absolute best in their people, we know that will make their business grow and thrive as a result; we also want to offer Legal Commercial Documents that are fit for purpose and assessable for all. 

We admit we may not be the best fit for you, if so there are many other providers who offer a more reactive and one size fits all approach, you may find a service on those terms more suited to you. I adore HR, Employment Law and Legal work and I am sometimes told I make it kind of interesting, let’s face it law can sound boring, I just love my business and helping others.

My team and I never bombard you with jargon, we will always make things a simple as we can do and act with your best interests at heart whilst ensuring you remain legally compliant.

I am a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Professional Development and I have worked in many industries; it would be safe to say that there is nothing that would shock me and that I have not already dealt with.

I am an active participant in the local community this involves community partnerships with local charities such as our Diamond membership with Secret Santa and our collaboration with Brave church. 

In addition to this I am an Independant Governor and a member of Policy and Resources Committee at Blackburn College, the college sits at the heart of the local community, and one a take great pride in as my family and I have all studied at the College.