Response to Heat of The Moment Resignation Letter


Response to Heat of The Moment Resignation Letter

Where an Employee unexpectedly resigns in writing or verbally, we would recommend that you seek advice before accepting that resignation.

Dependent on the circumstances in each particular case it might be unsafe to simply accept an unexpected resignation.

For example, the Employee may later allege that they were pressured into resigning or that they resigned because of a breach of their employment rights, (such as discrimination based on a protected characteristic, a health and safety complaint etc.)

Consequently, it is best practice for an Employer to establish the reason for the Employee’s decision to resign, so that an assessment can be made of whether any risks arising from that decision.

In these circumstances we would advise that you discuss matters with the Employee, to allow them to raise any concerns, this may lead to a grievance being raised.

Where an Employee has resigned in the heat of the moment and walked out of work or submitted a resignation letter after a disagreement or employment dispute or which contains a complaint regarding their employment, we recommend the following letter be issued the same day.