Work Placement Bundle Pack: New Starter


Work Placement Bundle Pack: New Starter

Many Employers are now offering Work Placements, as they are not Employees at this stage you need to ensure you issue the correct documentation when they join you.

We know that many Employers require assistance and that you may not have the necessary documentation in place when it comes to offering a placement, it is important to remember at this stage this is not an offer of employment and the candidate would not receive a contract of employment, they would need an Agreement with you, this would set out the terms which both parties would work under for the duration of their placement.

Within this Bundle Pack, we have added all of the documents that you need as template word documents, these range from, telephone screening, an invitation to interview documents, an offer letter, a new starter form, and an induction checklist, we have included your Data Privacy Consent form and this must be issued along with the Work Placement Agreement.

By purchasing this as a bundle you will be saving over £100.00, if you do not require all of the documents you can purchase them in a single format, just visit the relevant recruitment and onboarding toolkits where you will find the templates you need.

Should you need any assistance prior to making your purchase please do just contact a member of the HR and You Ltd team, was are more than happy to help.