Employment Tribunal Awards and Limits for 2024

Each year the Employment Law Tribunal awards and limits are updated, and rates are updated annually. These are now live as of April 2024.

Whilst as an Employer you may feel that facing an Employment Tribunal may never apply to you, as always, we advise that you have the most modern and relevant HR and Employment Law practices in your workplace; you can adopt best practices by becoming proactive as an Employer, creating a positive culture, embracing new ways of working, treating your Employees with respect, having the most modern policies and procedures that reflect your business and above all comply with current legislation.

We understand how to manage your people and importantly the processes you need to follow to ensure you remain legally compliant, we take a look and keep you up to date with the changes.

The new rates are applicable to England Wales and Scotland, and the new rates are as follows:

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Employment Tribunal Awards and Limits

The statutory limit on many employment tribunal awards increased. The increase(s) apply to events giving rise to compensation that occurred on or after 6 April 2024, as in the table below:

Statutory RightRates from 6 April 2022Rates from 6 April 2023
Failure to provide Statement of Main Termsup to 4 weeks’ £2,572up to 4 weeks’ £2,800  
Failure to reinstate or re-engage: 26 to 52 weeks’ pay£16,718 to £33,436 £18,200 to £36,400
Unfair Dismissal (Basic Award)£19,290£21,000 to £115,115 (Unlimited in certain circumstances)
Unfair Dismissal (Compensatory Award)Max £105,707 or 52 weeks’ pay (whichever is the lower) No cap for whistleblowing or H&S£115,115 or 52 weeks pay (whichever is the lower) No cap for whistleblowing or H&S
Weekly Pay for Redundancy PurposesMax £643.00 per weekMax 700.00 per week
DiscriminationUnlimited – No CapUnlimited – No Cap
Statutory Redundancy Payment£19,290£21,000 (£21,870 in Northern Ireland)
Statutory Guarantee Pay (per day) Lay-Offs£35 (payable in lay off situations for max 1 working wk per 3 months)£38 – maximum is: £190.00 (payable in lay off situations for max 1 working wk per 3 months)
Breach of flexible working regulations: up to 8 weeks’ pay£5,144£5,600
Breach of right to be accompanied: up to 2 weeks’ pay£1,286£1,400
Vento bands, serving as guidelines for employment tribunals in determining awards for injury to feelings in discrimination (and certain other) claimsLower band (less serious cases: £1,100 to £11,200).   Middle band (cases not warranting an upper band award) £11,200 to £33,700   Upper band (for the most serious cases) (previously £33,700 to £56,200)£1,200 to £11,700     £11,700 to £35,200         £35,200 to £58,700   In exceptional cases an award may exceed £58,700

*These awards and limits do not include the costs incurred as an Employer preparing and representing at tribunal.


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