Managing Redundancies Part 2 of 7

Making people redundant is never easy, the current climate may leave you in a position where you need to take the decision to initiate redundancies in your workplace, in our series of 7 short videos we will explain how you should manage the process.

Avoiding Compulsory Redundancies Part 2 of 7

It is always best to try to avoid losses by planning your redundancy process in part 1 we looked at the planning stage, to avoid this you should look at other options and offer them to your Employees.

Prior to making Employees redundant you should see if you can perhaps:


  • Furlough your Employees whilst your business recovers in the current climate
  • Offer voluntary redundancy or early retirement
  • Agree to flexible working
  • Temporarily reduce working hours
  • Ask Employees to stop working for a short time or lay off employees
  • Retrain Employees to do other jobs
  • Let go of temporary or contract workers
  • Limit or stop overtime
  • Not hire any new Employees


In all instances above there are certain restrictions and we always advise you seek early intervention.

Next Steps 

In part 3 of this video series we will look at redundancy consultations and what your obligations are as an Employer.

If you are planning any redundancies please do get in touch as the process can become complicated, our team of fully practicing trained and experienced Legal and HR Consultants can assist you and take the pressure.

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