Are we really that flexible?

Remote working and working flexibly are now common in the UK right?


With less than 10% of Employees reporting they work the average 9am-5pm it does appear on the surface we are achieving the flexible working dream then doesn’t it?.


When we break this down, flexible working can fall under many headings really though, so many Employees work from home and this has been growing rapidly over the past few years, with faster internet and reliable devices this can be a positive approach for your Employees and benefit you too.


It is now reported that working flexibly really is what your Employees want, they rate this higher than the fruit and refreshments you offer them, and even some of the other little perks, it provides them with the real flexibility and around 90% of workers in the UK feel they would be more productive as a result, over 55% saying it would boost their motivation.


There are obvious benefits to you as an Employer, working from home can free up working space in the office and in turn this can reduce overheads. By offering flexible working you will in turn increase productivity and morale within your team, you should also see a reduction in absenteeism and labour turnover.


In all is it any wonder that flexible working should be not just offered but really “embraced”, it will undoubtedly lead to increased profits, be warned WFH does have downsides, your Employees do need to be managed effectively whilst WFH, whilst it sounds great at the time the Employee needs to be a disciplined individual, as a Manager you need to set check in points and times with them to ensure they are not just performing but “coping”, WHF can be isolating and have an effect on your Employees health and wellbeing.


It is imperative that risk assessments are carried out prior to and during the period and  support needs to be provided. Consideration also needs to be factored into the Employees workspace and environment, it is this area that can also cause undue stress for the Employee, with musculoskeletal issues the main cause for concern. Where the process is managed effectively this can work for both parties, it can also have serious implications where not.


If you need any help or assistance with Flexible Working and or Working from Home Policies through to implementation or indeed to discuss, please do contact us.


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Written By:

Fran Crossland

Director (HR Consultant)

HR and you Ltd



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