Be the best in business

We want you to be the best in business

To ensure you maintain your foothold in your marketplace and to hit the ground running, we want to help you with your business strategy and your overall “Organisational Design”.


We will focus on 3 key areas in business:

1. Our starting point will be your Internal and External factors and how these have impacted you.

We cannot overlook these areas and once we commence our diagnostics with you we will discuss any areas of concern, under the current circumstances it is anticipated COVID19 will play a major part in the diagnostics.
This stage is crucial to ensure we help you understand, budgets, staffing levels, internal and external factors. We will also take into consideration all of your people matters, cultural changes, performance management and change management issues that may arise from new ways of working.


2. We will work with you to align your “future focused organisational design”.

We are facing a hugely challenging period and no one can deny that we will draw on how we can help you reflect, pivot and make the necessary changes to your strategy, goals and values to align with your new vision for the future.

By providing you with our review and diagnostics of existing operations we can then provide you with our program of what needs to be implemented to bring about change. To work alongside this we have change management assistance to help your existing teams


3. Your people are you greatest asset – we will re-align your people strategy with you.

We will review your current people strategy with you, staffing levels, costs, job descriptions, succession plans, recruitment plans and work with you to formulate your new strategy.
We will also work with you to continue with any working from home initiatives, how these may work, what policy documentation you would need including risk assessments. We will review and re-align budgets where necessary to ensure you have the right fit for your business for the future.


We have developed packages to suit individual needs based on the size and scale of the project.

Our tailored packages are delivered over a series of weeks as set out below:
Package 1. Duration 4 Weeks
Package 2. Duration 6 Weeks
Package 3. Duration 8 Weeks

Your package would be suitable to your individual needs, the scale and size of the project.
**Prior to commencing and work we would complete an initial diagnostics with you, depending on the size and scale of project this is anticipated to last 2-4 days.


We are pleased to announce that Farouk Mangera (HR Leader) is working in partnership with us here at HR & You Ltd he will be delivering the Organisational Design program in conjunction with COVID19, he will be working alongside Fran Crossland (Director & HR Consultant).

All Partner Consultancy work will be carried out by either Farouk or Fran, both are highly experienced, knowledgable and skilled within their chosen field of HR, this reflects across many areas and both have worked in varying size industries, have worked on restructures and organsational design.


We are looking forward to hearing more from you in the coming days/weeks, the time is right, the time is now, let’s take action to be the best in business.

Contact us today: [email protected] [email protected] 07749407703

Author Lulu Crossland

HR & You Ltd

6 April 2020

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