Homeworking the ‘New Normal’ Time to Change

Homeworking the ‘New Normal’ 

  • Over 40% of Employees have been working from home recently
  • 65% of Employees said they would be more productive in a home office than a normal office
  • Ensure you implement your policy documents

Working from home – It is a little like Marmite you either love it or loathe it, one thing we can most certainly say is that it has been a blessing in disguise over that past 3 months and without it many businesses just simply would not have survived.

The message from the Government was and still is ‘to work from home where possible’, we have looked at this area before and so long as you have the mechanics in place to protect both parties then there should be no reason why you cannot allow this.

A recent study by finder shows that Employees will be saving money on associated costs such as commuting and lunch, on average the saving is £44.78 per week.


Increased productivity

We are acutely aware and have been for such a long time that Employees appreciate a company that not just allows Working from Home WFH but embraces it  and the study has suggested that this could also boost productivity for the Employer.

  • 65% of Employees said they would be more productive in a home office than a normal office.
  • Two-thirds of employer’s report increased productivity for remote workers compared to in-office workers.

What about the impacts of working from home

So far it has all been positive, and upon reading the survey it appears so but WFH does have drawbacks and these can have an effect on wellbeing, effectiveness and productivity.

  • 9% of remote workers say that they struggle with loneliness when working remotely.
  • 62% of remote Employees want Employers to provide better technology that helps them stay connected with Fellow Employees.
You can read the full study here: https://www.finder.com/uk/working-from-home-statistics

What can you do to embrace the ‘New Normal’?

We advocate ‘Working from Home’ and any associated working such as flexible working too, we do tend to find it can be as simple as a lack of understanding behind it but once it is in place it can really work and you can really reap the rewards.

The most common reasons that we find Employers resist are:

  • It won’t work for us
  • I can’t let everyone do it
  • We will lose out Team spirit
  • We don’t have the equipment
  • Our data won’t be secure
  • I won’t know what the Employee is doing
  • I won’t know what they are doing through the day

We have recently conducted our own short survey and found that Employees and Employers are loving the new normal, so long as you set the standards, it is monitored and you have the policy and process in place you will be surprised with the results.

You could see the results below in days/weeks:


  • Happy and thriving Employees
  • Delighted customers and clients
  • Productive and effective Employees
  • Lower attrition rates and fewer absence days
  • Employees not wasting associated costs on commutes and lunches
  • Reduction in office costs – overheads (you may even be able to close your office)

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