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HR Masterclass

Managing issues at work can come to your attention in many ways, from customer/client feedback, grievances or it may be that underperformance or misconduct has occurred, it can at times be difficult to address in the workplace and how best to stop them from reoccurring in the future.

The first priority to establish the facts and carry out a thorough investigation. Employment law cases are similar in many ways to criminal cases, the investigation is a key part of the overall process. In the case of a flawed police investigation it can lead to a case being thrown out of court or a defendant walking free, inadequate investigations in the workplace can undermine disciplinary processes. This may mean that the investigation needs to be dropped, or in the worst-case scenario, employers may unfairly dismiss an employee and be at risk of a tribunal claim.

Who is the training aimed at?

The session is aimed at company owners line managers, supervisors and HR practitioners at all levels and is invaluable both for those new to the area, in need of support or a refresher. it is suitable for any size of business; public, private and voluntary all are welcomed.

What will be the learning outcomes?


A clear understanding of the aim of an investigation, why they need to be carried out quickly and importantly how they link into the disciplinary process

  • What the role of each person is involved in the process and why
  •  How to prepare and carry out effective investigations
  • The overall importance of paperwork and its purpose in the future
  • The process and the what the law says
  • Case studies – interaction
  • What are the key benefits of conducting effective investigations?
  • To have a clear understanding of issues you may face and how to minimise the risks
  • What not to do – tips and hints

We will then explore Disciplinary’s, Capability issues, Grievances and Appeals.

During this part of the session it will enable delegates to manage disciplinary, capability and grievance issues effectively. The emphasis is on the use of a structured approach, with problems identified early and managed positively and proactively. The training builds knowledge, skill and confidence in handling these issues objectively, fairly and appropriately and are in line with internal policies / procedures, it is designed to ensure delegates remain in line with legislation and best practice, with an aim to remain compliant.


What will be the learning outcomes?

The session is designed to enable delegates to manage investigations, disciplinary, capability and grievance issues confidently, effectively with a thorough understanding of the role of each person involved.


In any business a structure is important, and the session is based on this, the session identifies how to identify problems, deal with them early and manage them positively taking a proactive approach.

The overall aim is to build knowledge, skill and confidence in handling HR and ER matters objectively, fairly, acting reasonably. The training also takes a look at appropriate internal policies / procedures, best practice and legal requirements.


Prior to attending delegates are requested to familiarise themselves with relevant policies before the training as they will be referred to during the day.

The session is a skill- and confidence-building session with the overall aim to:

  • Ensure disciplinary action is taken in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Appreciate and have a good understanding or where to find employment law answers
  • Understand the implications and risks
  • Ensure delegates act in accordance with the business policies and procedures
  • Gain an understanding – how to prepare for a disciplinary hearing
  • Manage grievances either formally or informally, as appropriate
  • Prepare and conduct investigations into alleged incidents in the workplace

Will there be any follow up?


  • The training will provide the learner with confidence to deal with Investigations, Disciplinary’s, Capability issues and Grievances in live situations.
  • Where to seek support
  • Create a CDP on the day
  • The offer of tips and ideas
  • A certificate will be provided to each delegate on the day

What will the format and duration of the training including preparation look like?


We will have deep dive sessions and the training contains delegate participation, using group exercises, case studies to illustrate problems and develop a best practice approach in dealing with them. Group discussions and feedback are used to develop learning points and to enable delegates to relate examples to your own workplace environments, questions are welcomed during the day although timing is tight.


Are there any special requirements?


Delegates will not be sent a welcome pack in advance of the session; it is advisable some pre-reading work as well time to reflect upon your own experiences and challenges in this area. Delegates are also requested to familiarise themselves with the key internal policies and procedures relating to this area and to bring copies to the session for reference throughout.


Duration of the session:

Venue: HR & You Ltd, Enterprise House, Capricorn Park, Blakewater Road, Blackburn, BB1 5QR.

This is a full day training, with a 30-minute lunch break .

Overview of the day: Registration: at 09:15am – tea & coffee will be served

Start time- 09:30am prompt Finish time- 16:30pm Date: 25 February 2020

The price is: £220.00 (excluding Vat)


Places are limited Please contact: Fran Crossland 07749407703 or use the contact page on our website

Or email [email protected]



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