Are your HR Teams in need of support due to Covid-19

With businesses now getting back on their feet, looking to a brighter and more positive future after well over 15 months of Covid-19, internal HR Teams and HR Leaders alike are facing increasing pressure to navigate the changing landscape, provide the strategies that are needed at an increasingly alarming rate, it has been well reported that stresses and strains are now taking their toll on HR Teams.


What pressures have HR Teams faced during Covid-19 



Unsurprisingly, research has shown that 71% of HR professionals believe 2020 was the most stressful year in their career, we are not shocked by the research, we work within the HR Outsourcing industry and have dealt with the issues head on, we are experiencing the fallout from HR Teams and HR Leaders.

It is no surprise that the unprecedented tasks such as the volume of remote working in many businesses it would be safe to say this had never been embraced before, the UK saw the introduction of the ‘CJRS’, commonly known as the furlough scheme, not only was the scheme unheard of but so was the word and HR Functions have had to manage the many changes to the scheme rules during the pandemic itself.

HR Teams and HR Leaders have mobilised communications within businesses during the pandemic, in the main, this has been effective, they have managed complex HR processes such as redundancies and restructures, which may have led to appeals, grievances and subject access requests, it can be really draining in any situation to deal with such complex matters but time has now passed and HR teams are now feeling the pressure.


We are all too aware that health and wellbeing has been an impact within the HR function, we are acutely concerned about the wider implications that Covid-19 has created, these will have far-reaching consequences of the disease, and absence levels have risen and will continue to do so, Mental Health is now becoming a really long game for HR Teams and Professionals.

We also know that the HR Functions have had fewer resources, facing restructures and redundancies themselves, this has left HR Teams overworked, they have also faced Covid-related illness and numbers of HR Teams and HR Leaders have depleted, in all many HR Teams and HR Leaders are facing stress related burn-out.


What has HR and You as a HR Outsourced provider offered during Covid-19



Many businesses have utilised our HR outsourcing support during the Coronavirus Pandemic, this has been for a number of reasons, we know it has been to support their teams during such a difficult time, it has also been due to HR Leaders or HR Teams finding themselves struggling to cope with a significantly increased workload but a smaller HR team to help them manage each project and the usual cyclical processes, the processing and management of simple tasks such as HR Health checks, administration and overall bulk communication to their teams has been carried out by us seamlessly and effortlessly.

We have offered FREE advice to over 300 businesses during the pandemic, this has covered a range of topics, with furloughing, restructures, redundancies and Covid-19 being the most sought-after advice by far. We have also provided advice in relation to the well-being of all Teams, we have seen a dramatic increase in the need for HR Teams and HR Leaders requiring such support.

We really do care about people, this includes HR Teams and HR Leaders, they have experienced so much pressure during the pandemic, we are still unfortunately not seeing any decline in demand at the current time.


We also know that in circumstances their teams have struggled to cope with complex HR Matters, I have met many Leaders over the years who are amazing within their role – but sometimes they may just never deal with or have had exposure to a particular situation as it just never arises in their role/business, suddenly thrust into a pandemic they have been thrown curve balls they have never managed.

Sensible businesses and of course being professionals have outsourced as they know the legal ramifications should processes not followed in the correct manner, these can cause financial ruin not to mention have a brand-damaging effect.


We have seen an increase in this workload across the board, from small and large in-house HR Teams alongside HR Leaders. Our HR Outsourcing offers the ability to switch any or all of the resources on and off whenever is necessary, this then reduces overheads and provides the Teams more flexibility to deal with any increases in the requirement, this is identifiable during the lockdowns, as the businesses have the ability to stop the outsourcing and therefore eliminate the spend.

HR Outsourcing is not new, we provide our services this way regularly, we have seen a 32% increase in businesses utilising our outsourcing who have internal teams and it is a pleasure to support each one.

We act as a flexible extension of your team whenever you need advice on the whole spectrum of simple or complex HR, people management, and employment law matters.



What will be some of the future challenges for internal HR Teams and Leaders?


We know that we are on our road map to a brighter future, we do need to ensure HR Teams and HR Leaders are fully equipped to manage the processes to ensure that your business is future ready.

We know that a remote and or perhaps a hybrid workforce will still be in demand, it may be that a quick snap back to remote working may be needed in the future, in that event teams need to be ready to act.

Teams need to understand and be trained in areas of mental health and other well-being, these needs will need to be addressed, we also know that more restructures and redundancies will be necessary and with this, we know that this will lead to HR Functions becoming increasingly tied up with people strategies.

Reduced workforces will play an important part and this will see an overstretched HR Function, missed deadlines, poor communication, and service to people leading to people management issues.


HR Teams need to be flexible and have the ability to manage all aspects, the area of learning and development will be a key requirement for your HR Teams and HR Leaders, we are already seeing a spike as we predicted back in April 2020, with new starters, onboarding, and the L&D that that brings, HR Teams and HR Leaders will need to become agile and focussed on culture and inclusion.


How can HR and You support your HR Teams and your Business in the future?


We can provide you with the Outsourcing that is relevant to your HR Team and HR Leaders and importantly to your business, we do not offer a one size fits all package, everything we do is tailored to your needs.

We genuinely do care about your business and are here to help your HR Teams and HR Leaders at a time when they need us the most, it may be that your Teams are on furlough, if so we can provide you the cover you need, our HR Consultants can support you in any way you need when you need it.

You may need administrative support, small or large, this may be to cover busy periods within your HR Function or Business, we can manage the process seamlessly and effortlessly.

You may need to call on us to manage Complex HR Matters for you, this may be restructuring, redundancies, grievances, and or appeals, we can provide you with the full support you need.


Let us help you and your HR Teams and HR Leaders get to where they need to be for the future.

You are in complete control with our low-cost solutions;  we never have hidden fees, you have your own dedicated HR Consultant on your side and ultimately you have the flexibility to pause your contract with us and return once your circumstances improve.


What can you do now?


Why not get in touch with a member of our  HR and You Ltd HR Consultants today on: 0333 006 9489 [email protected]



Fran Crossland


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