Managing Redundancies Part 5 of 7

Making people redundant is never easy, the current climate may leave you in a position where you need to take the decision to initiate redundancies in your workplace, in our series of 7 short videos we will explain how you should manage the process.


Giving notice to your Employees

You can only give an Employee notice of redundancy once you’ve finished consulting everyone and the minimum period of 30 or 45 days has passed.  Where you have fewer than 20 Employees there are no set rules around when to begin consultation before giving redundancy notices.

It is best to tell an Employee face to face that you are making them redundant. The meeting can take place over the phone if you both agree to it and there is a clear need, for example if someone works remotely and or at the moment due to COVID.

You should also let them know in writing.

You should include in the letter:

  • Their notice period
  • Leaving date
  • How much redundancy pay they are due
  • How you calculated the redundancy pay
  • Any other pay you owe them (for example holiday pay)
  • When and how you will pay them
  • How they can appeal


Next steps


In part 6 this video series we will look at working out redundancy payments, if you need any support please get in touch.

If you are planning any redundancies please do get in touch as the process can become complicated, our team of fully practicing trained and experienced Legal and HR Consultants can assist you and take the pressure.

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