Managing Redundancies Part 7 of 7



Making people redundant is never easy, the current climate may leave you in a position where you need to take the decision to initiate redundancies in your workplace, in our series of 7 short videos we will explain how you should manage the process.

Support your Employees and Plan for the Future 


Redundancy can create difficult situations and conversations in your Business.


You should think about how to support your Team:

  • Employees at risk
  • Managers who are breaking the news
  • the people leading the consultations
  • Employee representatives
  • Employees that are staying


You can support Employees by providing:

  • Offer Counselling
  • Additional face-to-face meetings
  • Help getting financial advice
  • Have clear plans for the future of your Business
  • Help finding work for another Company


Next Steps 


We hope you have found our series of ‘Managing Redundancy’ videos useful we have broken these down into 7 short videos if you have missed some please take a look on You tube or our website today.


If you are planning any redundancies please do get in touch as the process can become complicated, our team of fully practicing trained and experienced Legal and HR Consultants can assist you and take the pressure.


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