UK immigration digital right to work checks extended to 31 August 2021

Once again another reprieve for all Employers but still, you do need to be aware that the relaxed rules brought in by the Government around Right to Work checks due to Coronavirus the temporary guidance will end now end on 31 August 2021, this was due on 17 May 2021 but has now been extended again by the Government.

Hopefully, this new date should provide enough time for all Employers, from the new date to begin making physical checks of the ID documents for Right to Work in the UK once again.


What does this mean for Employers?

It means pretty much as it is now up until 1 September 2021 when physical checking of UK Right to Works will become a requirement again, until this point Employers can continue to conduct digital checks.


From 1 September 2021, what are the risks of not complying?

The real statistics on no-compliance are stark, failure to not either conduct Right to Work Checks or to adhere to the correct procedures for an Employer can and does lead to legal proceedings being brought, too many times we hear that Employers consider it the Employees responsibility, as a reminder, it is an offence to employ anyone who does not meet the requirements.

This would be if your Employee for example:


* Did not have permission to remain in the UK;

* Did have permission to remain but it had expired;

* Is not allowed to do certain types of work; or

* Has incorrect or false papers.

In all these instances as an Employer, you could be legally prosecuted, with a fine imposed for each offence (Employee) this could lead to a custodial sentence.


How we can help you?

We understand that this can be a pressure and worry for you as an Employer, that is where we can help you, we understand the steps you need to take to ensure you remain legally compliant, whether you just need to chat things through or need more assistance including documentation to support you with your Right to Work checks we can help.

Why not get in touch with a member of the HR and You team today on 0333 006 89489 or email us @ [email protected].



Fran Crossland

updated 22 June 2021

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