Shout! about the Shout Expo

We were at Shout! Expo on Friday! We hope we got to see you, and if we didn’t, we’d love to see you at one of our other expos this year. We’re visiting Best of Bolton on the 6th of October, and we’ll be at Shout! again in November, so keep an eye out on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for details.

As for the expo, it was a packed day for all of us. We were at the Guild Hall in Preston the day before the event, getting ourselves set up with piles of goody bags and treats to shower on the people who came up to us to say hello and get involved with our expo stall. We also had brand new banners and brand-new brochures we’d produced specifically for the event.

The next morning, we all arrived excited and bleary-eyed for the 8am opening – given most of us live a while away from Preston, we were up at the crack of dawn to get there. Then there was Shout!’s presentation, and the doors opening wide for visitors to come to visit our stall!

There were so many businesses and friends at Shout! that we’d struggle to name them all, but we managed to meet old and new friends alike whilst we were there. It was an incredible day, getting to meet everyone at the event and not only advertise ourselves, but meet everyone else in the area and get to know the businesses around us.

One thing we can say for certain about Lancashire is it’s a diverse region with plenty of budding and established businesses. When you think of the North, your mind might go to billowing factories and grubby faced factory workers, but that is an old-fashioned opinion that doesn’t reflect reality. We met web developers, video marketing businesses, universities, technology and telecoms companies, accountants, solicitors… Lancashire’s businesses are booming, and we’re so proud we’ve gotten to be a part of so many of those stories. We only hope we’ll get to be part of many more.

We’ve also got plenty of chance to shout (ha!) about our progress on Shout’s website and newsletter, which was an incredible opportunity for us. We got the chance to talk about our new employees, premises, and packages, and share our excitement about those things with the world.

Like we said previously, if you missed out on getting to see us, we’ll be around in other expos in the next couple of months so you’ll get more chances to meet us in the future. We’ll be at the Best of Bolton expo on the 6th October, and we’ll be at Shout!’s second expo on the 5th of November. If you’d like to find us and chat about what we could offer, please come by and say hello – we’d love to meet you and tell you what we can do for you.

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