Managing Redundancies Part 1 of 7


Making people redundant is never easy, the current climate may leave you in a position where you need to take the decision to initiate redundancies in your workplace, in our series of 7 short videos we will explain how you should manage the process.

The first stage of any redundancy process should start with the planning stage, it should not be rushed through as that is where mistakes can easily occur, we take a look at how you can do this.


Your redundancy plans


The redundancy plan will help you manage each stage of the redundancy process.

It should show how you’ll:

  • Avoid compulsory redundancies
  • Consult with your Employees
  • Select Employees for redundancy
  • Give Employees notice
  • Work out redundancy pay
  • Support Employees and plan for the future.


We are only focusing on small scale redundancies, but you should work with Employee representatives, for example trade unions to develop your plan if it is a large or complex redundancy situation.

Having an agreed plan allows you to easily share information with all your Employees and help them understand what is happening.

It is particularly useful when you explain your proposed changes during the consultation phase.

Next Steps 

In part 2 of our video series we will look at how to how to avoid compulsory redundancies. Why not join us to learn more or get in touch.

If you are planning any redundancies please do get in touch as the process can become complicated, our team of fully practicing trained and experienced Legal and HR Consultants can assist you and take the pressure.



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