The Good Work Plan..How Prepared are you?

It looks like things will be changing in the coming year, the ‘Good Work Plan” proposals which are set to reform areas in HR and Recruitment are in response to the Taylor review.


The aims are to strengthen employment rights and make improvements for everyone.


The first is a ‘Right to more stable and predictable Contract of Employment’, this may include more guaranteed, minimum working hours and on which days of the week.


This right would benefit individuals who are employed on casual and zero hour contracts.


Secondly, where there is a ‘break in continuity of service’ the time frame is to be extended from one week to four weeks, this will help individuals who may only work for an employer on a casual or sporadic basis. with this extension employers need to factor in individuals will qualify for more employment rights, such as – the right to not be unfairly dismissed or the right to SMP as these require a particular length of service.


Thirdly, the ‘Protection of Agency Workers’, this protection now means that following 12 weeks a worker is entitled to receive the same pay, unless they opt-out and elect to receive a guaranteed amount between temporary contracts (“the Swedish Derogation”), although this opt-out will be removed in April 2020.


The fourth change will be, all ‘Tips and Gratuities’ that are received are passed directly to the individual in the future and not to the Employer.


Finally, where there are ‘Information, Consultation and Arrangements’, from April 2020 only 2% of individuals will need to support for a successful request, this is currently set at 10%.


In part 2 of my Blog I will be discussing more of the proposals contained within the ‘Good Work Plan’, this is more about Employment Contract Changes, Employment Contracts, when to issue them and who gets one..Employment Status Tests, Holiday pay.


Tribunal Naming and Shaming, the plans and much more.


Written By:

Fran Crossland

Director (HR Consultant)

HR and you Ltd

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