The Self Certification Period Extension from 17 December 2021

The Self Certification Period Extension from 17 December 2021

As we now enter a period of heightened tension between the vaccination race and the fast-paced new Omicron variant, the Government has announced the amendment to the Statutory Sick Pay Regulations, with this amendment we see the change of the period for which an employee can self-certify their absence.


When does this amendment come into effect?

The amendment comes into effect from, Friday 17 December 2021 and is in an attempt to allow GP’s more of their time to focus on the vaccine and booster rollout.

What has changed?

Under normal circumstances individuals are permitted to self-certify a period of sickness absence for the first 7 days of their absence, the amendment means this has now been extended to 28 days.

It is worth noting this is for a limited period only and the extension will expire on 26 January 2022.



Does it apply to all Employees?

The amendment will apply to any Employees whose absence commenced before 17 December 2021(but is not yet longer than seven days) or any absence that begins within that period.



How and what documentation should I request, and or keep?

As an Employer, you should be aware that this is an unusual situation, during the 28 days you do not require anything, but you could request:




Do my Employees still get paid?

Although it means you may not receive the usual medical certification for absences, it does not affect your continuing obligation to pay statutory sick pay.



How Can We Help You?

Should you need further advice and guidance on the implications of this amendment, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who are ready to help, you can contact a member of our team on 0333 006 9489 or [email protected]





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